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'Gentry' by Adam Nicolson

On recommendation, I bought this book and my reader has been reading it to me for weeks now. It is excellent. At present, the section of the book, 1600-1650 approximately, concerns the family of John Oglander, who lived on the Isle of Wight in ahouse called Nunwell and it is based entirely on known historical facts available in the family archive and preserved by them. The details given of his extensive knowledge of land, farming and people management is not only fascinating, but superbly written, in the opinion of my reader and me.

She was here this morning and one of the items of information mentioned is the fact that people travelling, say from the Io?W to London would make sure their Wills were up to date! We were wondering what method or route people would use to make the journey, so I'm going to look it up on Wikipedia.

The Oglanders had been successful gentry landowners since the 12th century it seems, but the next part looks as if it will be the time when the family experienced severe setbacks, because of the Civil War of course.

Anybody ever heard of the family before?

The previous section was about the almost century-long feud between the Mervyns and Thymmes. ~Again, peopleI had never heard of before.


ETA I have searched various ways to try and find out means of travel from IoW to London but so far no luck.

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