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Of course they will not put the books on display which give away the fact that the whole religion is a fraud and all of it plagiarised from Ancient Egyptian beliefs.

However we do have a very good idea of some of the hidden books. Just read "The Crucifixion of Truth" by Queensland Author Tony Bushby, published by Joshua Books on the Sunshine Coast.

It was a young priest, Edmond Szekely who went to work in the Archives. He was so shocked at what he found he lost his faith and blew the whistle. Naturally he has been demonised by the Church and its followers ever since.

Some of the rare books he found there were the Gospel of Julius Caesar, the Book of the Obstetrician, the Book of Jasher (mentioned twice in the Bible), the Canto of Krst (Same spelling as in Egyptian but means 'Buried'), and the Phsyiologist.

There were many more but the two most important scrolls found in the Archives would have to be the Gospel of John (who according to the bible was illiterate) and Revelation which was purchased by the Roman Senate in 510BCE from the Sybil of Tarquin, the Herophile Witch. It was then very well known as "The Mysteries of Osiris and Isis".

However this book by Bushby blows Christianity into smithereens and consequently he is now slandered like anything by fundamentalists, especially the exposed liar Holding aka Turkel aka Tektonics. The latter has been found to tear authors apart without even reading their books. He just makes up things and claims it is in the books. I have checked one instance - "The Pagan Christ" by Tom Harpur, and also found that he couldn't possibly have read the book.

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