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Well, the Moses story sounds a lot like another earlier story about Sargon some 800 years before Moses…

Sargon was placed in a reed basket and sent down the river by his mother. He was rescued by Aqqi, who then adopted him as his own son.

Krishna story tells of him parting the sea and walking across it with his group to evade trouble. Parting the sea, and then walking across it. The Hindu story goes on to tell also of an evil king who kills all male born infants in an attempt to destroy the Krishna.

Code of Hammurabi? He brought them down from a mountain too. Hammurapi’s code of laws was compiled nearly three centuries before the Israelites were at Mount Sinai…

Moses is a name in Egyptian, "Mose," "Moses," "Mes," etc. means "son of." Because the Egyptian gave him his name per the bible, I think we'd have to go by there meaning.

I think Moses wasn't Hebrew at all. I think it was made up by him so that he could lead a bunch of people out to go back and fight for the throne later. He'd have to say he was some kind of blood to be able to lead that tribe.

I think he took his 'wife' and other concubines with him.

Anyway - I will say it's all speculation. However, we do know for a fact his story sounds like a bunch of others that were told before he was born.


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