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The only way Moses would have married an "Ethiopian woman" would have been before he knew he was a Hebrew, and thought and acted like an Egyptian man, a prince no-less, being the adopted son of Pharaoh's wife. who came with a child already. At the time of Pharaoh Khaneferre Sobekhotop IV's accession to the throne, Cushite raiders were striking at Memphis, and he ruled from his residence in Tanis, well out of reach of the raiders. Sending Moses out to drive the Cushites out of Egypt, Moses succeeded only too well, as the statue of Sobekhotep still sits (though headless) on an island in the Nile, looking over the ancient site of Cushite Kerma, the capital and fortress of the raiders. Moses drove them there, surrounded them and laid siege to the fortress. The weakened Cushites were forced to sue for peace and the King's daughter went to the victor, Moses, who took her as his wife, breaking the rule of the spoils of war going to the King of Egypt, and sealing Moses' fate as an outcast upon return. He would have been expelled through the Sinai, to have reached Midian, whose people ranged all over the Sinai. Of course he married Zipporah, as this was at the beginning of his long relationship with her father, Jethro, and Moses probably thought he'd never see Egypt or his princess-bride again, not to mention any probable children thereof. Jethro taught Moses about the Abrahamic tradition of his people, cousins to the future Israelites, over a period of forty years, THEN he got tapped to lead the Israelites out of bondage.
Forty years hence from Moses' expulsion, Egypt was on the last of its 13th Dynasty rulers, Dudimose, ruling from the Eastern Delta in Goshen, unable to govern anywhere else. Much of Egypt was in ruin from years of war with the Cushites, Memphis was burned, and he faced the threat of Amalekite bowmen on his eastern frontier, stationing his chariot-force under the command of his son Knonsuemwaset, to meet this foe. Moses took the Egyptians by surprise when they were on hard times, in the middle of natural disasters, and delivered the death blow to the Dynasty by drawing the chariots of Dudimose into the Reed Sea at high tide, leaving Egypt defenseless, as noted by Manetho. The Amalekites were the first, but not the last group to figure in Egypt's Second Intermediate period.
Of course, Moses collected his Egyptian/Cushite wife, and took her out of Egypt, else how would she show up in Numbers 12?? When the Law was given to Israel, Moses was grandfathered in, having already had two wives(at least), as I'm sure were many others in similar situations. That being so, because Moses himself could never be law-abiding in that sense, he was not allowed into the promised land himself.

The Very Best, Rick

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