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I found this video fascinating, and I imagined there were some other folks out there who enjoyed Biblical History, especially anything concerning Egypt as much as the story of Moses. Numbers, Ch. 12 is a very short chapter, only 25 verses, and makes its point well with those few. It appears to be God's first admonition against racism in the Bible. Historically, it also confirms the story of Moses told by Artapanus and Josephus and indirectly, of Manetho's account of Egypt's history:"In the reign of Tutimaos(Dudimose), for what reason I know not, a blast of God smote us. Invaders of obscure race invaded and took Egypt without a struggle(I'm paraphrasing here)".
Although I'm not a practising Christian, I was raised as one, until the age of 13-14. I don't recall listening to any sermons on this chapter, from Lutherans or Baptists or Methodists. Maybe everybody wanted to keep the lid on. Purportedly, this little detail has been left out because the Church Fathers didn't want Moses to have been a bigamist, however this was a common practice in Moses' era, among his people, the Egyptians. Raised as a prince of the royal household, he would have been tapped for military service to Pharaoh, the most urgent of which was to drive the Cushites out of Egypt. The Pharaoh's name was Chenephres(Artapanus), matching Khaneferre Sobekhotep IV, 13th Dynasty, who installed a seated monumental statue of himself to look out over Kerma, the Cushite capitol, of which the headless remains are still on the Nile island where Moses probably set it. Moses first wife, Tharbis(Artapanus), was payment by the Cushite King to the Egyptians not to destroy the city. Moses' taking of her as his wife probably got him a high mark of disfavor in Pharaoh's eyes and betrayed his independent spirit, as the princess rightly belonged to Pharaoh, not Moses. This is probably what drove Moses out of the court: ambitions of a prince of the house who had set himself above his King, could not be tolerated. To his credit, Moses came back and apparently collected his bride, for there she is with him in the wilderness, before the incipient Israelites enter Paran.
When sources this sepated in time and space come together to confirm each others stories, is this not a mark of true historicity?

Enjoy, Rick

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