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I see that you're a professional accountant.

I am not an accountant.

If I was going to get into an on-line public-debate with you about accounting I think it would be fair for you to inform me, and our audience, in advance that you are a professional in the field. Otherwise you would have a hidden, unfair advantage over me.

Your brother Garrett is a professional historian.

He has opted-in to an on-line debate about history and so I think it is fair that those debating with him know who he is.

I don't feel vicious towards him, or you, or anyone else. But when people attack me I have a right to stand my ground.

"Wounded innocent"?

I'm no innocent, Mark, believe me. But what the BBC did to me in front of three million people was wrong. Read the two sections of my transcripts (under "Arts of the Cutting Room" on the Horizon Scandal Page on this site) and then tell me whether you still think that "Atlantis Reborn" was fair.

I'm going to have to sign off this correspondence with you for a while because I've got a book to write. I'm sure you're busy too. But your contributions and those of your brother (if he's still talking to me!) are welcome here. I think you've both made a really useful input to this message board and I appreciate it.

Sorry that you find me devious. You're not the first person to say that and I doubt if you'll be the last.

All the best, Graham

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