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Garrett, neither you, nor I have the time to get into a live debate on this site and if we do we'll both end up jobless because we won't have time to do anything else! Remember our experience of this during December and January when we exchanged more than 70 pages of private emails debating the various failings that you believe you have identified in my person and arguments? For goodness sake, we were even blazing away at each other on Christmas Eve.

Actually I have to confess you have a fine mind and you really put me to the test on a number of points. And while I quite understand your position about not wanting me to release our entire off-the-record debate on this site, as I have proposed to you, I think its a pity that we can't put it into the public domain. You're the Assistant Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and History at Penn State University and yours is one of the strongest and most persuasive voices in defence of orthodoxy that I have ever heard. I am a reasonably well-known author of alternative history and can get quite strong myself sometimes. I stand by everything I said. I'm sure you stand by everything you said, so why don't we just let the public have a look at our debate so that they can make up their own minds on the many issues we discussed at such length.

Still, as you pointed out, its your right to keep it private and I respect you too much to put the stuff out there without your agreement. Besides, as you pointed out, we have the big debate coming up next September at Penn State with an alternative history panel (myself, Robert Bauval, John West, Robert Schoch) pitted against your orthodox history panel -- which will include yourself and the Griffiths Observatory archaeo-astronomer Ed Krupp.

This being said, I have to take issue with you on a few of your points.

(1) You state for example of Tiahuanaco that "the very earliest human habitation is 1800 BC: that is the 'occupation horizon' as determined by mass sampling all over the site. Yet the fact is (at any rate I have it on the record as a fact on camera and on audio-tape from Oswaldo Rivera himself, the former Director of Bolivian Archaeology and one of the world's acknowledged experts on Tiahuanaco) that LESS THAN TWO PER CENT OF THE ENTIRE SITE HAS BEEN EXCAVATED. I don't think its safe to make such sweeping knee-jerk assumptions about Tiahuanaco's past as you and your colleagues do on the basis of a two per cent sample of the site. As a matter of fact I said all this on-camera to the BBC Horizon team, as you can verify for yourself by looking at the transcript excerpts on this site's "Horizon Scandal" page (under the heading "Arts of the Cutting Room"). The trouble is Horizon didn't feel my argument in this regard was worth reporting so they cut it out of the programme. Do you think that was FAIR by the way???

(2) You talk about carbon-dating of organic material in the Great Pyramid but neglect to mention that neither the original study done in the 80's or the more recent work at the end of the 90's have produced a date for the Great Pyramid that accords with orthodox chronology. The gap is not great, but it is big enough to raise a question-mark over the orthodox notion that the Pyramid was built as the tomb of one specific Pharaoh, namely Khufu. And interestingly, the 1980's study by Mark Lehner which made the Pyramid as much as 1,300 years older (and nowhere less 300 years older) than the time of Khufu has almost never been spoken about in orthodox publications on the Pyramid. It reminds me of a remark made by Profesor Joe Brew, Director of the Peabody Museum at Harvard: “If a C14 date supports our theories, we put it in the main text. If it does not entirely contradict them, we put it in the footnote. And if it is completely ‘out of date’, we just drop it.”

Surprisingly honest, eh?

(3) In your blanket dismissal of a lost civilistion you say nothing about the possibility of ruins underwater. If archaeological coverage of land-based sites is scanty, believe me it is a million times more scanty for possible underwater sites (remember, the oceans cover seven-tenths of the earth's surface). I'm a scuba diver and I've spent the last four years exploring anomalous underwater structures all around the world.

I think you guys are missing something -- mainly because your mindset about the past is so rigid that you just don't see the point of looking.

Friendly regards, Graham

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