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Although Alice Bailey has been and continues to be associated with the Theosophical Society as far as many people are concerned, there is in fact little in her writings that tie in directly with the teachings and objectives of the Theosophical Society founded by H.P. Blavatsky, William Quan Judge, Henry Olcott, and others. Bailey's writings centre around a form of vicarious atonement and coupled with the equally misleading writings of CW Leadbeater serve to distort the original teachings of theosophy as put foward by HP Blavatsky put simply to wit, that the universe is a boundless ocean of consciousness which oscillates cyclically between spirit and matter, and that Man as a not yet fully self-conscious spark of the divine shapes his own destiny by the everyday choices he makes, and that through the natural process of reincarnation over vast periods of time will come to realise his full divine potential if the ideal of universal brotherhood is set as a foundation to all our thoughts and actions.
Of the three main Theosophical Societies that exist today, neither the TS with HQ in Pasadena nor the United Lodge of Theosophists recognise Alice Bailey as a legitimate theosophical teacher. The TS with HQ at Adyar, India are open to many avenues of enquiry.
For the record, there is nothing in the works of Alice Bailey that corroborates her as a genuine theosophical teacher, nor are there any teachings that have not been laid out by earlier theosophical writers such as Blavatsky or Judge. The coming of a "saviour" named Maitreya does not feature in any of the teachings of the Founders of the Theosophical Society, although the name "Maitreya" is mentioned by Blavatsky in a historical context referring to a future avatar which is mentioned in some Buddhist scriptures.
I would recommend anyone interested in forming an educated opinion on what constitues genuine theosophy to peruse the websites of all the three main Theosophical Societies: [], [], [].


Harry Young

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