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Hi Robert,

I hope it's okay to post this in the Mysteries forum because it's to do with a forthcomming book called, "Talisman" that both GH and RB are involved in. Also, I'm not sure that Robert visits the GV forum as I never see him post there.

This evening, I went to hear your lecture, Robert, on "Talisman" and found it very informative and enjoyable. You outlined how Paris, London and Wahington DC were planned according to ancient mythological religions. At the end of your talk, you explained how the battle for the Temple Mount, AKA "the Rock", is behind much of the maneuverings on the world scene and I agree with you that it's a really ridiculous stiuation to fight over a rock but you pointed out that Jews will never give up the Rock because it needs to be in their control for the imminent comming of their Messiah and this is where your lecture came to an end, although I could see that you had so much enthusiasm for your subject that you would've loved to have carried on but time, alas, ran out.

Now, the purpose of my post is not to discuss the rights of the Jews or Palestinians. That debate rages everywhere and doesn't belong on this forum but in view of the fact that this situation in Jerusalem is causing so much grief and potentially could instigate more widespread wars, what other solution is there other than war?

Of course we don't want war and there are many people who think the only peaceful solution could be a Messiah that would fit the strict theological criteria for all of the major religions. He would appear on the Temple Mount and set up a peaceful global one world religion.

This idea is not fantasy because there is one such character who is being groomed, partly in public but mainly behind the scenes and his name is Maitreya.

Maitreya was prophecied by Alice Bailey, who of course helped to make the Theosophical Society the success that it is today and I couldn't avoid the correlation that you gave your lecture in the Theosophical Society, in London, this evening.

My main question to you is, to what extent are you researched in Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme and the Maitreya and do you know to what extent the Theosophical Society backs Maitreya today? Do they still promote him?


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