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I deny the danger as does any objective person BECAUSE <u> There is no danger to "enhanced" or optimized imagery!</u>

<b>en·hance </b>- in-'han(t)s, en-
Function: transitive verb
1)HEIGHTEN, INCREASE; especially : to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness
- en·hance·ment /-'han(t)-sm&nt/ noun

<i> ENHANCEMENT</i> of imagery does not introduce image artifacts nor detail not otherwise present.

Every image taken by robotics over large areas will not be optimized and will only generally target an area and hope for a reasonable image and this will need to be "enhanced" or "optimized" or cropped to detail and present the <u> Area Of Concern (AOC)</u>.

All my presentations include direct reference to the NASA/JPL source imagery and on occasins where the specific area is difficult to locate, I provide parameters whereby one my more easily locate the AOC.

Biruni.. your remonstrances and assertions are both ugly and dishonest as well as stating thing that show you have ZERO GRASP of imaging and specifically the presentation of the Mars Global Surveyor satellite imagery itself.

Furthermore your repeated <u> Charactater assinationS</u> of me and desire to impugn the imagery is not nonsense and readily apparent to all, EVEN as you have followed me to numerous postings and topics.

I have made no "absurd claims" and beyond that.. you have <u> NEVER EVEN ONCE</u> addressed those "absurd claims" with any detain ... nor specifics but instead you have engaged in ugly character assasination. AT THIS POINT I will have to assume you have NO ABILITY to engage the subject matter in an intelligent discussion .. nor are you capable of referencing the specific details of that imagery in ANY discussion.

"<i>I showed you, what people could think about you, if you act further as you do and gave you some good advices. </i>"

I have no interest in what people "think of me.... but YOUR thoughts on me are indeed character assasination and a PERSONAL attack and are both ugly and an ignorant behavior. You can not claim this is not about your engaging in personal character assasination. FOR ME, these presentations are about the image detail and a discussion of what is revealed therein through coherent, salient image detail(S). It is not a popularity poll, as you seem to think, nor is it a means to make unfounded general assertions with intent to only jaunice the conversation and attack me.. personally. Meanwhile, you however have no ability to DEAL with the specific, salient image detail so you make this a personal attack without reason nor even any attempt to specifically present one.

You should take your own advice .. because even as Merc's own topic indicates.. Merc and others have emailed me to comment on and question further aspects of the imagery and .. it seems you are the LONE VOICE of a deranged invidivudual and are....

...... Making a *FOOL* of only yourself and no one else.

I dont find any chorus of people agreeing with you.. So do us all a favor and .. just.. go away silently . You are an ugly, annoyance spouting irrelevancies.

Crediblity .. you have none. For to have credibility you would have to deal with specifics and not innuendo and personal attacks.


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