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Hi Pete,

As I am still fairly new to this MB and not that sure about where to find all the links, I have figured the quickest way is to ask you. Is there reliefs that show a ramp on the GP with these blocks and sleds going up it? Are there any that show the blocks being loaded on to or off of the sleds? What are the lengths of the stones(shortest & longest)? What is the length of the statues being represented in the reliefs stated? The sled above does not look, to me, to be of sufficient length to carry objects of considerable length at base. Wouldn't the objects moved need to be fully supported as not to put an uneven load pressure on either end of above sled? Has there been any test done on the bottom of the sleds found so far for residue of lubricant as seems likely as the amount of pressure at contact shouls of forced some into wood subsurface, much like pressure treating wood nowadays? Also the time frame for the GP being completed, is this allowing for construction of ramps as this is said to have been a bigger construction job than the GP itself? If the time frame is around 27yrs( I believe this is the time stated elsewhere) then wouldn't that be slightly impossible as to give roughly half the time to the ramp and half to the GP(more like 40-60)? I would appreciate your answers to all the above questions. I am just gathering facts here as I am reserving judgement on issue until definitive proof to the construction and definitive proof against all other theories is established. This proof coming from more than a few debatable sources open to doubt. Also the sled depicted above and the one you posted on another post about neighboring nations using the same technology, Why such a difference in design(height and curvature on front)? I know that they are different nations but wondering if these sleds each had different roles( for different objects or weights)?


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