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Hey Tripp,

I have been sitting here trying to remember why this MEG looked familiar and found the book I have, called " The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" and in it he has several drawings of his inventions in it and quite a few do look similar to this design. As I am not overly educated in this field(as well as many others) I was wondering if this MEG is producing currents of high frequency? If anyone has this book the drawings I was referring to were:pg. 204-Patent # 514,168-Feb. 6, 1894;pg.210-Pat.#568,178-Sept. 22,1896;pg.211-212-Pat.#568,179-Sept.22,1896;pg.213-PAT.#568,180-Sept.22,1896. As this was awhile back and newer tech. has been created the difference is understandable but the principle looks to be quite similar. And as he was an advocate of free energy to the world I think this man would of had some applicable inventions but he was shut down by the government, and we are just now seeing an acceptance of this alternative energy source.Just goes to show you what happens to someone ahead of his time! Any info appreciated!


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