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Much of what I do involves a synthesis of many other people's work -- including the brilliant Velikovsky who is footnoted often in Fingerprints of the Gods and referenced in the Bibliography.

Velikovsky is still the leading figure of 20th century catastrophism, but since his time the content of the debate has inevitably changed. The catastrophic consequences he documented are of incredible value and I draw on them heavily; I don't agree with him about the cause or the date of the cataclysms.

Many authors and themes have inspired and informed the work that I have done (for example John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, Giorgio de Santillana, Hugh Harleston Jr, Peter Tompkins -- and others too numerous to mention). I still believe that my primary role in all of this is as a reporter and synthesiser.

Allbest, Graham

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