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hiya ananda,
About the skulls in the paintings, there are a few things to mention.
1) Bran the blessed, retrieved the cauldron of rebirth from the underworld in the Arthur myth (the cauldron is linked to the grail) was decapitated during a battle. The head was taken as talisen to london where it supposedly ensured fertility of the land and repelled invaders.
2) this links to the heads which were reported as being worshipped by the knights templar, i.e. they were accused of worshipping the skull as a false idol and masturbation ceremonies around the symbol of the skull were used as evidence in the trials of 1307. One such head was 'Baphomat', which has been translated as 'father/source of wisdom/understanding'.
the templars supposedly believed the skull to posess supernatural/divine powers. The templars also supposedly wore chords with which they touched the heads of idols, they wore the chords close to the flesh - this is a Cathar tradition, chords were also associated to druidic fashion.
3) possible links to alchemy. alchemy aims to transform the Self from one sex to another, this final stage being 'The philosophers stone' the precurser to this is said to be called 'the dead head' or the 'blackenning'. the latter of these terms possibly refers to images of the black madonna.
the first grand master of the Knights Templar's coat of arms featured three black heads on a golden feild.
4) this is also connected to the severed head of John the Baptist, The belief that John the baptist was the true messiah was supposedly popular with the knights tamplar.
5) there is a link to the ancient egyptian Isis cult, there is a story of the death of a woman who was loved from afar by a templar, the woman died and templar exhumed her and carried out a necrophilic act upon her body, upon ejaculation he supposedly heard a voice telling him to retuirn in nine months where he would find a son. Upon his return he discovered a skull placed on her crossed leg bones, a link also to the skull and cross bones symbol, PLEASE - no jokes about a jolly roger ;-)
thats a bit sick isn't it

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