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Hi Lobo:

Here is the link to <a href="[] other one</a>. I would suggest that you start with "The Holy Place" by Lincoln as this is by far the best book I have read on what the mystery is and how the code was deciphered. (this is extremely important in order to understand the overall mystery !). I always feel that many people comment on this having never read it (The Holy place) and so are really not well informed on where this mystery really leads.

Next on the list should be "Geneisis: The First Book of Revelations" by David Wood since in this book he discovers a Pentagram in this area, since named The Wood Pentagram, which involves a "perfect" Pentagram (all angles being equal) being able to be drawn not contained within a circle. This is extremely important for before this <i><b>MATHEMATICIANS HAD CLAIMED THAT THIS WAS NOT A POSSIBILITY !!!!!!!!</b></i>

I continue to be astounded by the lack of interest shown by many on this groundbreaking and amazing discovery ! He also <i><b> FOR THE FIRST TIME SHOWNS THE PERFECT UNION OF A FIVE SIDED AND SIX SIDED FIGURE</b></i>. This again had never been accomplished before, not even by the Ancient Greeks !!!!!!!!!! ( OR IF IT HAD IT HAD REMAINED IN THE MYSTERY SCHOOL AND NEVER BECAME COMMON KNOWLEDGE)

When one considers that he discovered this using many ancient monuments and sites it begs the questions ... did early inhabitants of this region know all of this and if they did how ?

There is a great deal more to this puzzle than simply a buried treasure and when one fully comprehends the enormity of what David Wood has discovered it is truly humbling ! Enjoy the search !!!!!!

Don Barone

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