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It is all pretty complicated and involves a lot of reading. The first book I read which started me on my search was "The Holy Place" by Linclon (1991). In this book he tells an amazing story of how behind an altar in the church of Rennes le Chateau was found two parchments which alleged contained a cryptic clue. The way in which this cryptic clue was arrived at and finally decipherd and what it meant is what started me on my way so as a first book to read I would definitely suggest this one. It also lays out a story of how a local priest appeared to become independently wealthy and went about making many costly repairs to his old church with a treasure some claim he found under the floor of the church. Also along the way there are cryptic clues on gravestones and also how some of these were mutilated. The paintings enter the picture for it is stated that this priest Saunierre went to Paris and The Louvre and specifically asked for prints of these three paintings. My search is for the REAL reason he wanted them.

Next came 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail" which took this mystery and attempted to show that the reason for hiding this "knowledge" was to protect the bloodline of Jesus himself who it is claimed came to France with his wife to escape prosecution. ( I unfortunately do not accept this as I believe Jesus never existed, but that is only my opinion )

But for me the final clues lay in a book by David Wood entitled: <i>"Genisis: The First Book of Revelations"</i>

<img src="[];

No offense to our host but this is by far the best book I have ever read on esoteric knowledge and inner truths and one man's search for answers. It is an amazing book and at least for me, led directly to my own personal "awakening" It was followed by "Geneset: The Second Book of Revelations"

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and it also is a true classic of literature. Both books I can not recommend highly enough !

Now since I am mathematically inclined and believe that if a hidden message was really left for us it would have to be encoded in this way (mathematically, specifically Pi and Phi since these ratios regardless of what type of measurement system is used anywhere in the world or the Universe for that matter would always be constant ). Also angles although measured in a different way would always appear to look absolutely the same. So I search for a hidden significance in the angles shown in the pictures themselves. (Especially the angles in these paintings for if one does a search they really do occur fairly regularly in old paintings. I have saved a bunch on my hard drive and may expand this page some time in the future )

After reading all of this I have formed my own conclusions on what this real mystery is all about but so as to not cloud your reading I will not voice them here for it is more important that you take the clues and find the answers yourself, your own answers !

Don Barone

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