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Hey all,

Seeing this post reminded me of when I had to do a family tree in ninth grade(too many years and beers since then) but something that has always stuck out and seemed too strange at the time was that one of my ancestors, back six or seven generations ago, on the paternal side had a woman(great...-grandmother) that was supposedly full blood native american yet had lighter color skin and red hair! She was believed to be a medicine woman of her tribe. I believe I remember that her family had many shamans in the lineage. As I have just took up the endeavor of a family tree for my daughters when they get older I have yet to verify some of these facts, yet being light skinned and RED hair IS fact. This always seemed weird until I got older and started to find that all the gospel in the text books we are taught from in school are truly miserable at keeping the truth out in the open for all to see. Like someone once wrote history is just that HIS STORY, referring to whoever wins writes the history! Oh well I'm through spouting off now but keep the info going everybody here has got me hooked on this MB!!

lobo 4 short

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