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My opinion: These are Nazi rubbish. My Arguments:

1. The skin color of the Indio aboriginals are actually not black like depicted in the paintings, thus they obviously don´t show them and they are not Indios. These paintings are mysterious to me. Are they really authentic? did Indios went to Africa?

2. The man in the second picture seem to have something on his head, which is yellowish, but it seem not be his hair and he looks like an Indio

3. I don´t know of anywhere in the legends or myths of the Indios is said, they were visisted by blond men. If blond men visited them, the blond hair of them certainly would make great impression on the Indios and thus we would expect, that it would be widely referenced in their myths. Thus Viracocha and Quetzalqoatel had obviously not blond hair, but black hair like the Indios themselves, although Nazi ideologists want them to be blond

4. the white prisoners seem to be beardless like Indios are

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