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Hi All:

There is a site out there called <a href="[] History of The White Race"</a> and although it is just a bit extreme it does have many interesting tidbits of information. I am just curious how many have ever seen the two pictures shown below which are taken from this site ?

<i>"There is also clear evidence from the Mexican side of the Atlantic Ocean that Whites - blond haired Whites - reached that part of the world long before the Spanish explorations of the late 1490s.

Below is a pre-Columbian wall painting which can be found in the Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza, on the east coast of Mexico. The first depicts White prisoners after their capture by the dark skinned natives, and the second, shows a White man with long blond hair being sacrificed by the Nonwhites. It is worthwhile to remember that these paintings date from BEFORE Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic in 1492."</i>

<img src="[];

<img src="[];

Comments ?

Don Barone

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