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Interesting article but whale-hunting is totally different from land-hunting so probably shouldn't be used as an example of the evolution of society as a whole. More societies are land-based than sea-based.

>>March 21 — Ever wonder why humans evolved into social animals with rules and regulations covering just about everything we do?<<

The gathering part of the hunter/gatherer, provided the majority of food in ancient times. Gathering for a large group also requires teamwork, language, knowledge of plants, insects and small game. The preparation of gathered foods required skill, patience, learned rules, language, knowledge of tools. From the gathering side of surival humans learned about agriculture, herbs/medicine, animal husbandry, architecture, and the list could go on and on.

Hunters left the main core of the tribe to go off and hunt, sometimes they were successful and brought back the valued meat (which was probably turned over a slow fire and basted with herbs <g>), other times they were not. Yes, they definitely needed to know about teamwork to hunt successfully, but wouldn't they have learned this from spending their formative years amongst the gatherers and then adapting it to their needs as hunters?

And, in the case of no gatherers (like the whale-hunters), no mention is given at all to where teamwork is really learned - the family group.


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