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The theory produced by Spence may actually help Mr. Bauval and Mr. Hancock, in the long run, in getting some recognition for their theories even though Spence blatantly ripped off Mr. Bauval.

How will it help? Well if the orthodox side agrees with Spence, then how hard is it to 'see' the validity of the 10,500 theory? It is not very hard, even for the most ignorant from the orthodox side. But then again, ignorance is bliss for some.

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Ripped off, but helpful, maybe... 743 Gerry 17-Nov-00 01:12
RE: Ripped off, but helpful, maybe... 235 Axxe 17-Nov-00 02:15
RE: Ripped off, but helpful, maybe... 486 jameske 17-Nov-00 12:20

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