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Milo :-

With all due respect to your theories and beliefs, the Bible was NOT intended to be regarded as a mysterious web of mysteries and speculation.

The Bible contains history, teaching, philosophy, prophecy and poetry . It also tells powerful parables for us to learn from. It is not, I believe, intended to be some kind of multi dimensional crossword puzzle . Nor is this unique Book, for me, anything other than a unique source of Comfort, Inspiration and Confirmation of The Living Lord.

Remember Doubting Thomas ? He refused to believe until he saw and touched Christ's wounds himself. The point of that reference is to make clear that it is Faith which breeds Understanding, and not the other way around.

Christ said many things, indeed, but his main Message was that of Love - love of God, of our fellow humans, of God's Creation . What, indeed, has ever matched his utterance on the Cross:-
"Father Forgive Them, For they Know Not What They Do"

It was Faith which drove and changed the heart and direction of St Paul after his blinding revelation on the Road to Damascus. And it was Faith which empowered the ability of the early Christians to endure the unspeakable suffering they were subjected to by the likes of the Roman Emperor Nero. Such Faith was fuelled by The Bible, by God's Word.

Last, but not least, on a lighter, humourous note, you may or may not know of the following story :-

"One day I opened the Bible at a random page, and my eyes fell upon a verse which said ' And Judas went and hanged himself ' .
I closed the Good Book shut , and then opened it up again at another random page. I immediately saw the words ' Go Thou And Do Likewise' "

Kind Regards


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