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Hi Pati,

I have read several articles on this problem and it's not just the artificial hormones (that are fed to women by the medical profession) that end up in the water table, but also the amount of other waste products that mimic these hormones. Here is a part of an article that was published in Nexus a few years ago regarding the situation.

<Another major factor contributing to this imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone is environmental in nature. We in the industrialised world now live immersed in a rising sea of petrochemical derivatives. They are in our air, food and water. These chemicals include pesticides and herbicides (such as DDT, dieldrin, heptachlor, etc.) as well as various plastics (polycarbonated plastics found in babies bottles and water jugs) and PCBs. These oestrogen-mimics are highly fat-soluble, not biodegradable or well-excreted, and accumulate in fat tissue of animals and humans. These chemicals have an uncanny ability to mimic natural oestrogen. They are given the name "xeno-oestrogens" since, although they are foreign chemicals, they are taken up by the oestrogen receptor-sites in the body, seriously interfering with natural biochemical changes.

Mounting research is now revealing an alarming situation worldwide created by the inundation of these hormone-mimics. In a recently released book, Our Stolen Future, authors Theo Colburn of the World Wildlife Fund, Dianne Dumanoski of The Boston Globe and John Peterson Meyers, a zoologist, have identified 51 hormone-mimics, each able to unleash a torrent of effects
such as reduced sperm production, cell division and sculpting of the developing brain. These mimics are not only linked to the recent discovery that human sperm-counts worldwide have plunged by 50 per cent between 1938 and 1990 but also to genital deformities, breast, prostate and testicular cancer, and neurological disorders.>

The full article is in two parts and can be found here:



Frightening, isn't it?

regards, Margaret

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