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Let me begin by saying that evidence that exists for orthodox or the unorthodox researchers in Egyptology is not sufficient to establish the truth beyond doubt. What exists is necessary but not sufficient.

Peer review, agreement even among the scientific community may not mean much. Let me state an historic example from the field of Physics (where hypothesis can be tested lot more easily than Egyptology through experiments and observable physical phenomena):

End of 19th century a very well respected physicist made a famous observation that physics can explain all phenomena except two: one of them being Photo electric effect. This was also the knowledgeable opinion held by the majority of the physicists at the time. One Einstein made a break through and physics has not been the same again. His theories of relativity could not be proved immediately. That did not make him a quack or a spinmaster as some thought since subsequent observations and experiments prove his theories to be correct.

Opinion held by the majority of the scientific community is not the truth. Only alternative thinking broke the barriers for Physics (such as assuming the speed of light to be a constant). The same is true for any discipline and Egyptology does not have the luxury of experimentation or observable phenomena. Alternative theories will only help.



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