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I don't think that any of the theories I've presented are indisputable. I just think they are interesting. I've never insisted that anybody should agree with my claims, only that in a free and literate society I should have a right to think my own thoughts about the past and to express them freely.

I cannot see why reviewing and synthesising interesting alternative views of history -- which is mainly what I do, coupled with reporting my own journeys and direct experiences -- needs to generate so much vitriol and negative energy.

I am just one voice in a very wide debate that is still massively biased, in and out of the media, in favour of orthodox history [compare the number of orthodox to unorthodox history documentaries on BBC, ITV or even Channel 4, in any year].

Nobody is obliged to believe what I say. On the contrary anyone and everyone is free to weigh up what I have said on its own merits and decide whether (broadly) they agree with me or not. Many do, probably many more don't

But, to reiterate, we live in a free society where people should be able to express their views openly. And certainly, the reverse of that is that those who wish to criticise others' views should also be able to do so openly.

So, please continue. I am happy to offer you this forum in which to persuade people that I am whatever you think I am.

Bauval and I have asked for a similar forum -- in the form of a live TV debate -- to confront our critics face to face after the rebroadcast of the Horizon show on 14 December. However the BBC have refused. If you feel strongly about freedom of expression and the right of rebuttal then please urge the BBC to rethink their policy on this. At the same time can you ask them why they think it is OK to deny me permission to publish the full,uncut, unedited transcripts of my interviews with Horizon and why I have been ordered to remove extracts from the transcripts from this site. Those interviews are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what was said between me and Horizon. Do you think it's right that a big corporation should attempt to suppress them? If you don't then email them and complain (copy to us here please). Then I will at least know that you are a person of honour and that you are able to see an obvious injustice even when it is done to someone whose work you despise.

Think about it.

All the best, Graham

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