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Dear Vince

Please do speak to BBC people about this! I am sure there are many good and decent employees of the BBC who believe in freedom of speech and would be horrified to know the truth of what is happening.

Please also email them, Vince, and let them known how you feel. I am convinced that if enough people send emails to the two senior Television officials we name on the News Desk page then the message will eventually get through to them.

Please send E-mails to: John Lynch (Creative Director of Science)
copy to: Mark Thompson (Director of Television)
Please also CC us at

I agree with you. It is horrible that the BBC can no longer be trusted to present the truth in its documentaries. I am also astonished that the BBC have obliged the Broadcasting Standards Commission's solicitor to send me an official email demanding that I remove the transcript material (parts of the original interviews that I gave to Horizon) that I have posted on this site.

Remember, the transcripts are of interviews with me! They are my words! And yet the BBC is so arrogant and so instinctively dictatorial that it is now seeking to prevent me from expressing them. Unbelievable as it may sound, this is a fact! I have been ordered by a solicitor who has written to me at the behest of the BBC to tell me to take my own words off my own website! The BBC have also officially informed me in writing that they will not permit me to publish my own words in my own book! I can only conclude that they must have a powerful motive for wanting to gag the truth about what was really said in those interviews I gave to Horizon.

So please, if you feel strongly about this, do write to the BBC and let them know. Write to your MP too and to a national newspaper asking them to wake up and cover this story.

There was a time when the BBC was the very voice of freedom of expression. Today it seeks to gag freedom of expression.

My, how things have changed.

Thanks for your interest. We need your help and the help of others in this. Robert Bauval and I both feel directly threatened and endangered by the malice of the BBC and its cold, calculating spitefulness in this matter. But we are going to stand up to them.

Thanks again,

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