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The sites contain both Neanderthal and pre-Neanderthal remains:-) Slides were shown of some of the specimens, including a tooth used as a hanging pendant. Slides were also shown of the excavation in progress, from the stratigraphy right down to the sieving of the soil, which I am all too familiar with. I've handled casts of Neanderthal skulls and archaic Homo sapeisn, but I never fail to get excited each time I see and hold our ancestors and some of our closest relatives.

"Mike-e" is what only my closest friends call me.

Fascinating stuff, real hands-on archaeology. To make the stone tools, to see the way they lived first-hand, to pick up their tools and their bones, to know that once someone related to you yet different once made that tool or whose flesh once filled out the bone you're holding. Archaeologists are badly paid; it's a labour of love.

There are articles by JD Clark, and Rob Foley & Martha Lahr on my site for those wanting to read up further on our hominin past.

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