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Hi Mickey,

you wrote

>And a fantastic talk it was. He also discussed why he thought methods
of analysis used by some other palaeoanthropologists were flawed, all
in a genuine manner and all discussing the matter under question.

so what your basically saying....

if "something" is flawed and a non scientist, by what ever reason or method unothodoxically reasons it out as flawed and says so, its claptrap.....

but if a scientist using scientific methods, reason and analysis also finds the same "something" flawed, then that is genuine and resonable....

even if the outcome is the same...uh!

you then go on to say......

>It might surprise you to know Graham that exposing the inconsistencies
in your arguments is only a side hobby of mine and that you're only
one part of my broader effort to help in the education of the general
public in how scientists conduct their work and what the results are
thereof .......

which means that "exposing" inconsistancies in "something" with non scientists is a hobby
and "exposing" inconsistancies in the same "something" with fellow academics is good science....uh!

so basically your arguaments are not about the subjects in question, you admit inconcistencies exist, but actually WHO you are disscussing them with, or to be more preceise, WHO is disscussing them, ie no one else is allowed too!

all I can say is, get a life......
no wonder many people are starting to question scientists especially in the area of previous human existance

I bet if you weren´t allowed to make the ball game rules as a kid with your mates, you sound like the lad who would say your not playing anymore, and take your ball home.

ever heard the phrase "intelligently stupid"......
it means some people may be intelligent as far as getting degrees are concerned
but somehow are a bit slow seeing the whole picture of life

never mind Mickey, maybe one day you´ll understand.....


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