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Good evening, Graham !

It's a wonderful evening. Freezing cold and cloudy night with the
threat of rain. Yet I've been lovely and warn inside a lecture theatre
of the Physical Anthropology department of Oxford University listening
to a presentation given by one of the world's foremost
palaeoanthropologists on his two ongoing excavations on Neanderthal
and pre-Neanderthal sites in Spain. He is a very nice man and a
genuine class act.

We got to talking afterwards and he has arranged to meet me tomorrow
to discuss closer co-operation and interaction between ourselves.

And a fantastic talk it was. He also discussed why he thought methods
of analysis used by some other palaeoanthropologists were flawed, all
in a genuine manner and all discussing the matter under question.

I find it interesting to compare real scientists and real scientific
questions with the claptrap sprouted by yourself and Bauval on
censorship earlier today. It really does put things on perspective
because frankly the vast majority of the world's archaeologists don't
know of you and honestly don't care what you write; nor do they care
for the underhand, untruthful methods employed in attempting to bring
this censorship about.

It might surprise you to know Graham that exposing the inconsistencies
in your arguments is only a side hobby of mine and that you're only
one part of my broader effort to help in the education of the general
public in how scientists conduct their work and what the results are
thereof (organisations like CSICOP and the National Centre for Science
Education spring to mind). So I'll see you around, Graham. Right now
I'm off to prepare further for my important meeting tomorrow. Deju vu,

Best regards,
Mikey Brass
Archaeology BSocSci(Hons), University of Cape Town
"The Antiquity of Man" []
Indiana Jones: "Archaeology isn't an exact science"
ICQ 44563988

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