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Yes, you did touch a nerve.

I feel it's wrong, and unkind, especially since you know nothing of me as a person, for you to impute primarily mercenary motives to me. How can you just jump to such a conclusion and damn me and my life's work out of hand in this way?

Writing has been the one thing I've consistently done well since I was a small child. I write because I love writing and I choose subjects that interest me. I put my heart and soul into what I do. There has never been a time when my primary motive has been financial. Like you I've always gone into each adventure (and a book is an adventure) really wanting to learn.

Did you ever attack me with character insults?

Yes, I think rubbishing me as first and foremost a money-grubber is a direct attack on my character.

What am I willing to do to satisfy sales?

Let me tell you a secret of long-term success in authorship. There is only one thing an author can do, ultimately, to satisfy sales and that is to write a good book. A bad book with a lot of hype will sell, but not for long. It's only the good books that go on and on, year in year out. I have no shame in confessing that, as an author, I do everything possible to write good books.

You wonder how selective I am in presenting my research. I have already answered this question in an Introduction written more than a year ago to library page of this website. I quote:

"Although I try to give thorough documentation, in the form of footnotes, to support every stage of my arguments, I would like to make it absolutely clear what my books are and what they are not.

"If you want a slavishly "balanced" and objective account of "both sides of the argument" then I'm the wrong author for you!

"I operate on the assumption that our education system, media and indeed our entire society today combine to give massive support and unquestioned acceptance to the orthodox side of the argument. Until I and a few of my colleagues like John Anthony West and Robert Bauval began to speak out there was really no counterbalancing view at all! And even now, although we've managed to get some people's attention - and some television time - we're still in every sense outnumbered and outgunned.

"So the way I see it it's not my job to be "balanced" or "objective". On the contrary, by providing a powerful, persuasive single-minded case for the existence of a lost civilisation, I believe that I am merely restoring a little balance and objectivity to a previously unbalanced situation. There exists a vast array of academic "experts", on comfortable and secure salaries, with the resources of full university departments behind them, whose life's work is to churn out endless refinements and confirmations of the orthodox theory of prehistory. These scholars, and their many fans and chums in the quality media, do not hesitate to mount Doberman-like attacks on any who try to argue in favour of a lost civilisation. The Dobermans also systematically ignore all forms of evidence that cast doubt on the established view (for example the implications of the astronomical alignments of the Pyramids of Giza) while at the same time accusing us "alternative historians" of being "pseudo-scientists" who dishonestly "select" only evidence that supports our case and who ignore or even misrepresent contradictory data.

"Readers will have to make up their own minds about such attacks. Meanwhile my own definite feeling, in such a hostile climate, is that it's my job - and a real responsibility to be taken seriously -- to undermine and cast doubt on the orthodox theory of history in every way that I can and to make the most eloquent and persuasive case that I am capable of making for the existence of a lost civilisation. If I'm wrong ... fine! Let the Dobermans prove me wrong, or persuade the public that I am wrong. Whatever the outcome I'm glad to have played a part in forcing an intellectual elite - historians, Egyptologists, archaeologists - to defend their previously unquestioned theories and speculations about prehistory and to confront a well-worked-out alternative theory presented to a mass public in a series of bestselling books."



Your next question is how will I adjust future editions of Fingerprints now that McIntosh has published his findings about the Piri Reis map?

I never rewrite books once they are written and out there. I move on to the next book and try to make it as current as possible when I write it. But what I'm considering doing in Fingerprints, because it has polarised so much opinion, is to publish a new edition of it with a number of appendices giving some critical response to my work. That is one of the several reasons why it would be appropriate for me to publish the complete transcripts of my interviews with Horizon as an appendix in the new edition -- because this was a hard-hitting, critical, adversarial interview and its full text presents an opportunity for the reader to see how I answer on many points of criticism of my work, not just on one at a time.

Lastly I see you're a PADI Divemaster. Good for you. Keep it up. I'm sure we wouldn't quarrel if we met under water!

Very best wishes, Graham

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