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I do not know whether Graham reads all (any of) the posts on his own forum, but information presented here may foment new ideas.

In summary I emphasise Atlantean/Lumerian settlements on Earth and Mars, giving key date ranges stretching back 120,000 years in my latest blog post.

Information is unorthodox as it has been collected from inherent, astral domains. For instance, the stone structure we call the "Sphinx" was constructed in the 32nd millemmium and not the 8th (as is, sometimes, supposed). The Great Pyramid oof Giza followed in the 29th millennium.

Though I don't mention it in the post, it is likely our "Northern Hemisphere" was the Southern Hemisphere prior to the catastrophic event (which possibly ended, then, mankind) 10,581BC (April - by our calenders). Graham indicated the correct reasoning in one of his books and I highly respect him for it. I can also add that the "Mayan" (sic) Wheel of the Sun was created PRIOR to this tragic event.


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