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Hall of Records is a mythical library buried under the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is in the Giza pyramid complex.[1] It is rumoured to house the knowledge of the Egyptians by papyrus scrolls and history of the lost continent of Atlantis, There is little evidence to indicate that the Hall actually exists;
According to legend and the reknowned psychic Edgar Cayce, the Hall of Records are composed of three chambers spread throughout the world that contain the missing history of the lost continent of Atlantis along with the missing history of the human race. The three chambers are said to be located in Egypt (underneath the Sphinx’s paw), somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula and one on the lost continent of Atlantis, which would be most likely sunken in the ocean depths still. Each chamber is thought to contain the history of the lost continent of Atlantis along with information on any of the surviving inhabitants of the legendary island. It was Cayce’s claim that there were small groups of survivors that managed to escape the destruction of Atlantis and it was these Atlanteans that brought civilization to both Egypt and Mexico. Cayce claimed that all of this information would be housed in these Hall of Records and would detail both the history before the destruction of Atlantis and the demise too.
to quote again underneath the Sphinx’s paw
From secret history of the world, by jonathan black. he mentions how some people belive that certain locations around earth act like a kind of doorway into a different dimension. Some people call these places vortexes, these are areas of high energy concentrations, originating from magnetic, spiritual, or sometimes unknown sources. Additionally they are considered to be gateways or portals to other realms, both spiritual and dimensional. Vortexes typically exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational anomalies, in turn creating an environment that can defy gravity, bend light, scare animals, twist plant life into contorted shapes, and cause humans to feel strange. Many vortexes have been shown to be associated with Ley Lines and have been found to be extremely strong at node points where the lines cross Worldwide, the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Stonehenge in England are perhaps the most well known
Its been said that the pyramids of been built to tap into this energy .Knowing how the ancient Egyptians liked meteorites, and used the magnetic side of them
From the book prophecies by tony allan.
through dreams the egyptians belived the gods could make direct contact with humans. people somtimes would sleep within temple compounds in the hope of reciving a prophetic dream from a god. i think the composition of the stone is a factor.and thats how i belive the sphinx spoke to tutmoses,
Could it be, as many before me have theorised, that the Great Pyramid (and perhaps other pyramids) was constructed as a Shamanic initiation chamber, a chamber whose very design would aid the initiate's journey to the spirit world to commune with the Hawk-headed and Ibis-headed Gods who would impart their wisdom upon the initiate?
I think knight and lomas touch on the idea of the sarcophagus being used in initiation also. The idea of being given a drug whilst in the sarcophagus to help with astral shamanic travel. also jacob slept with his head on a stone,it was the vibration of the stone that effected him as he slept. this place being an intersection of ley lines. This is where he saw the ladder reaching up to heaven in a dream. a pharoe placed in the sarcophagus is effected by the vibrations,enhanced thru the stone pyramid and sarcophagus and under the influence of drugs activates his pineal gland.
The Pyramid Texts state how "I am a soul… a star of gold". In Egyptian symbolism, the soul was placed on a boat, lead by a navigator: the boat would be the instrument for the soul's exploration of the Duat. The Papyrus of Nu, from the 18th Dynasty, says that the original text was indeed present in the Shrine of the Sacred Boat. The Book of the Dead was literally a map for travel in the Duat. From the Egyptian book of the dead, theres a reference that reminded me of something from grahams supernatural.
in supernatural we are told of how some shaman would go through a process before being gaining information. there spirit would travel and at a process at a level would have their bones removed and stacked in a pile. This was mentioned as the same process as some alien abductees had to endure.
in the Egyptian book of the dead,
in the pyramid of pepi I. pepi has gathered his bones and , he has gathered his flesh and has gone straight away into heaven.Thoth/ Hermes explains the way forward and the steps one must take to keep the soul pure so the soul may ascend to heaven.
Astral projection is a form of out of body experience that sometimes occurs during lucid dreaming during deep meditation or at times of crisis. The soul moves into an astral body (or "etheric double"), which moves free of the physical body in a parallel world known as the astral plane Astral Travel is spoken about in many mystical texts and has more recently been studied by scientists investigating reports of people who have has a near death experience.
Could it be, as others have hypothesised, that the true origins of Ancient Egyptian religious tradition is rooted in a shamanist tradition? Could this be how the Priesthood of Heliopolis attained their knowledge?
But when entering an altered state does the soul travel through different dimension and travel through space.when a person is doing a asteral travel the inner body seperates from the outer sheath of flesh and bones and floates on the end of the cord.also the higher ethric force wich surounds the head during life and departs at the moment of death.the decriptin of the silver cord ,as a new born baby is conected to the mother by a unbilicle cord. we are conected to our over self by a silver cord. it is composed of rapidly rotating particles of all the colours of exsistance wich reflects to the clairvouiant as a blueish white silver
From lobsangs book you forever.
The silver cord is a mass of molecules rotating over a extremley wide rang of frequencies. the brain acts as a reciver reciving messages from a over self, and the brain transmits messages such as lessons learned, experiences gained the over self. these mesages are conveyed by means of the silver cord. a mass of high velocity molecules wich vibrate and rotate out on a extremley divergent range of frquencies wich conects the human body and the human overself. everything that we do or hear and think travels upwards to be stored in the memory of the overself. From the bible solomon wrote ecclesiastes late in his life 935bc circa/from this 12;6 remember your creater now while you are young before the silver cord of life snaps and the golden bowl is broken.From t rampa lampsang ,the golden bowl is the nimbus (an indication (as a circle) of radiant light or glory about the head of a drawn or sculptured divinity, saint, or sovereign)
A theosophical term referring to an universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action. The records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha (or Soniferous Ether). In Hindu mysticism this akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. These five principles also represent the five senses of the human being.Some indicate the akashic records are similar to a Cosmic or collective consciousness.

Others think the akashic records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible?
also the Maya mention the popol vuh, a book that helps with past and future events? Is this another way of tapping in to this "oneness"
Also the Bible code. All parts from main song sheet
It's interesting that Cayce said;
Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric machine, but that vibration that is creative is of that same energy as life itself. Edgar Cayce reading 2828-4

So could the hall of records realy be the akashik records and thats why we cant find it on earth never mind under the sphinx paws ???

If you think I am good on a counterbalance, you need to see me on a reach!

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