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Do I think there are hidden chambers beneath the Sphinx?

Tests conducted at the site revealed several subterranean chambers beneath the Sphinx, though it was never determined if the chambers are natural or man-made. I recall that two of the chambers appeared to be connected by a small "passageway" - I use this word cautiously as I do not wish to suggest that it is man-made; I remain open-minded, though.

Edgar Cayce also famously claimed that the Hall of Records would be located in a subterranean chamber which could be accessed via a passageway entered beneath one of the front paws of the Sphinx.

Sphinxes tend to reflect the astrological age in which they were carved. To elaborate, one avenue of sphinx have heads of rams for they were carved and erected during the astrological age of Aries: the Great Sphinx is leonine and therefore, some suggest that it was carved either during the astrological age of Leo or to commemorate that age as Zep Tepi: The First Time. The former would place it circa 10,000BC, corroborating the dating suggested by scholars such as Dr. Schoch.

Around this time, the Sphinx would have faced its celestial counterpart - the constellation of Leo.

As above, so below.

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