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I visited Cappadocia several years ago while visiting 2 friends who were working in Istanbul. We crossed the Bosphorus, took an overnight sleeper train and stayed in Goreme for a few nights.

It was explained to me that the geology was formed by two now extinct volcanoes and that the rock has a hard surface layer but is quite soft beneath - hence the famous "Fairy Chimneys" which dot the landscape above ground.

Is there any evidence to support the unconventional idea you propose or are you just putting an idea out there?

To me, the conventional explanation seems the most logical as the local, native population would have been more likely to be familiar with the properties of the local geology and could therefore use it to their advantage on occasions which may have demanded it - including the idea of global catastrophe, perhaps.

I just wouldn't want to be in an underground cave complex if I thought a flood of Biblical proportions was heading my way - but that's just because I'm a poor swimmer and can't hold my breath for very long. I concede that it would be no more safe in such circumstances to be above ground but give me a mountain any day!


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