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Given your interest in Hapshetsut, I wondered whether you were familiar with what Egyptologists refer to as the ‘Birth Colonnade’ at Deir el-Bahari, a temple relief which shows Hatshepsut's divine birth. Unfortunately, the scenes are much damaged, mostly due to her vengeful stepson, Tuthmosis III, who decreed that all statues, reliefs and shrines of Hatshepsut must be erased or destroyed, but also to Akhenaten who had the images of Amun-Re erased as part of his personal monotheistic crusade.

The scenes start with Amen-Ra and an astral version of the unborn Hatshepsut. The gods decide that Queen Ahmose, the wife of Tuthmosis I, would be a perfect mother for this unborn child.

Once this has been decided, Amun-Re comes down to Earth and enters Queen Ahmose's chamber after assuming the form of Tuthmosis I. The god Amun-Re at first finds Queen Ahmose asleep but his godly presence wakes her. Using his divine breath he impregnates the queen. Before he leaves, Amun-Re reveals his true divine nature to Queen Ahmose and informs her that she will give birth to a daughter who will live to rule Egypt.

Amun-Re then visits the god Khnum and instructs him to fashion a human body for the unborn Hatshepsut – who, upon the death of her husband Tuthmosis II, declared herself as “King of Egypt.”

Along with Amenhotep, Hatshepsut can be credited with establishing the Divine Birth mythology of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

In order to justify her new position, Hapshetsut assumed the titles and clothes of a male king; reliefs, statues and warrior sphinxes depict her in male form, also.

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