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Why this elaborate "theory" that the Antikythera device was a copy of the captured devices in Rome? Again, there is no reason that Archimedes had to be the sole possessor of the knowledge needed to make these types of machines. In fact, it seems extremely unlikely that a single individual could have done it. Those gears had to be filed and fitted by hand, remember. It was very time-intensive work. Archimedes would have been a prestigious craftsman, possibly the 'leader' of a shop that made these machines. But he must have had many assistants. And just as he must have learned as an apprentice, others must have learned from him. So why couldn't the Antikythera device be an original production from the same tradition that produced the devices captured and taken to Rome? Wouldn't Romans inscribe their copy with Latin instructions, not a copy of the Syracusan dialect Greek instructions?

Like ancient Rome, we today are once more importing every form of exotic superstition in the hope of finding the right remedy for our sickness.
-- C. G. Jung
Richard Wilhelm: In Memoriam (1930), CW 15: pg. 60

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