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And just who "believed" that it was taken in the siege of Syracuse? I'm not aware of any documented theory to that effect for this device. There are mentions of similar devices in ancient literature. And one of those mentions is indeed of two being acquired in the capture of Syracuse. Both are accounted for, though. The general who captured them kept one for himself and donated the other to a temple in Rome. So they both went to Rome. How would one of those end up in a ship off Antikythera then?

The device recovered from the Antikythera wreck was probably made in Syracuse but is dated to the early first century BCE. This is based on the inscriptions and the extensive historical knowledge of the evolution of ancient Greek and the calendar used in Syracuse. See: Derek de Solla Price, "Gears from the Greeks. The Antikythera Mechanism: A Calendar Computer from ca. 80 B. C." Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Ser., Vol. 64, No. 7. (1974), pp. 1–70.

Surely the astronomical knowledge of things like the Saros cycle (223 month cycle of lunar and solar eclipses) originated before the classical Greek period. The Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians were all assiduous observers and meticulous recorders of astronomical events.

Like ancient Rome, we today are once more importing every form of exotic superstition in the hope of finding the right remedy for our sickness.
-- C. G. Jung
Richard Wilhelm: In Memoriam (1930), CW 15: pg. 60

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