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No, I don't think the Antikythera device is attributed to Archimedes personally. His life span falls about a century earlier than the estimated date of manufacture for the device. But there is quite a bit of evidence of it having been made in Syracuse, where he lived. Even though it was made of bronze, it could not have lasted for a century without at least some maintenance and probably replacement parts. So it would be the product of a tradition, and maybe even a particular "shop" that he may have founded.

And it seems extremely unlikely that even a "great genius" could have invented such a complex mechanism from whole cloth. There must have been geared devices of some sort that he grew up learning about. Then he may have advanced the state of the art -- or not. It's quite possible that these things already existed but were rare enough that this is the first one recovered. So what the Antikythera device shows us is that the ancients in general were quite able to understand the concept of complex mechanical devices.

Like ancient Rome, we today are once more importing every form of exotic superstition in the hope of finding the right remedy for our sickness.
-- C. G. Jung
Richard Wilhelm: In Memoriam (1930), CW 15: pg. 60

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