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I have just came back from Tonga recently and am preparing some material for publication but that will take another week or so.

The old King did conduct experiments in 1967 to see if the trillithon was oriented to the seasons. He had paths cut in the bush so as to observe the sunrise and sunset at different times of the years. Equinox eg.

Unlike Stonehenge the Ha amonga has no heel stone and so his experiments appeared to fail however his belief that the edifice was built to incorporate the marking of the seasons never failed and continued in the family. His now late sone would sleep at the site on the shortest day of the year.

Over the years I have spoken to locals about the Ha amonga and the prospect of it have moved over the centuries due to subsidence and earthquakes.

There is still a vividly clear tradition of the people being forced to haul the very large coral uprights to the site. One tradition tells of dozens of Tongana being forced to haul on ropes and drag the stones from the beach about 70 metres away to the site.

When once they slackened off an overseer cracked a mans skull and so they all pulled harder. This was told to me in all seriousness but with humour.

I asked others what happens during an earthquake which are not uncommon in Tonga. One person 'Seti' told how he lived his entire life in the area and played around the Ha amonga each afternoon after school. He witnessed several earthquakes and although buildings around swayed the Ha amonga did not move at all however when he placed the palm of his hand on an upright there was a constant vibration.

If anyone is interested go to Trip Advisor and look up Tonga I have placed photo and some history on that site.


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