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For what it's worth, here is what I've just read and in so doing, answered my own question about solstice worship:

"The resemblance of the trilithon (The Burden of Maui) with Stonehenge is often quoted but Stonehenge has many more pillars and the lintels are on top of the sarsens, and not sunken down in a slit. Stonehenge may have been an archaeoastronomical observatory, as claimed by Gerald Hawkins in 1963, now largely believed to have been overhyped.

Nevertheless this was enough for the king of Tonga, Tâufaʻâhau Tupou IV to come in 1967 with the theory that the Haʻamonga had an astronomical significance, too, telling the position of sunrise at solstices and equinoxes.

Because he was the king, this account is still quoted nowadays although any evidence for it is imaginary."

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