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From Maori Myths

'Far out in mid-ocean a bundel of seaweed rose and fell on the waves.Overhead the seabirds wheeled and screamed. A baby tightly wraped in his mother's hair, lay cradled in the seaweed that protected it from the birds and the terrors of the deep water.

The baby was Maui, little Maui wrapped in the top-knot of his mother Taranga.

Presently the bundel was washed upon the shore.

From his house by the clifts, great Tama of heaven heard the thin wailing cry.

Holding the baby very carefully he hurried with it to the house....'

Now see Tennyson

'For there was no man knew from whence he came
But after tempest when the long wave broke
All down the thundering shore of Bude and Ross
There came a day still as heaven , and then
They found a naked child upon the sands
Of wild Dimgldil by the Cornish sea
And that was Arthur, and they fostared him.

Myths that seem so far apart repeat.


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