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Hi Grits

One suspects that a civilisation whose feats of engineering included the deliberate optical event of an undulating serpent into the design of a huge pyramid to mark the equnoxes - the 'epiphany of the Feathered Serpent' -did not "accidentally" create the acoustic feature to which you refer at the Great Ball Court.

The pyramid of Kukulcan has an inner chamber containing a stone carving of a jaguar. Interestingly, the jaguar's spots are formed from 72 pieces of jade - a number related to the astronomical phenomenon known as the precession of the equnoxes - and a number which can be found in the dimensions of ancient structures all around the world.

With regard to the acoustic feature you described, it got me thinking about the 'Palace of the Jaguars' at Teotihuacan where there is a depiction of a celestial puma against a backdrop of stellar symbols blowing a feathered conch shell.

Is it stretching the imagination to wonder whether this acoustic symbolism had an earthly counterpart and if so, might it have featured in the game? After all, the ground plan of the pyramid complex is thought by some scholars to mimic specific sky features.

Just a thought. Any ideas?

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