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Hi Don

I have no comment to make with reference to your first question; much has been debated about whether several of the world's temple complexes around the world are ground maps of constellations. In fact, Graham Hancock wrote on this in his work, "Heavens Mirror" which synthesises some of the ideas he presents elsewhere in more detail in Fingerprints of the Gods and The Keeper of Genesis. To me, there is a correlation but why that is I have no idea and I simply defer to those who make it their business to postulate why it might be.

As to your second point: the reference to the Lord's Prayer containing a phrase that seems to echo the Egyptian maxim: "As above, so below"; maybe it is a coincidence or maybe it shows how older, established beliefs and traditions evolved into newer beliefs and traditions.

After all, Moses led the Jews out of Egypt to Canaa and resurrection of the soul in a Judaic-Christian context (the Bible, Hosea 6:2 for example) can be traced to Canaanite belief. Yet it's hardly surprising, given that these Canaanite jews who fled Egypt had ancestors who had lived as slaves in Egypt for centuries. It is likely that over centuries the beliefs and traditions of the ruling Egyptian class would have exerted influence on the classes who are governed.

The assimilation of older, established beliefs in newer religions can also be seen in the adoption of the date of December 25th by the early Christian church leaders to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is surely an attempt on the part of the early church to either stamp its authority over older, archaic traditions still practised in multicutural classical societies or it is just a natural assimilation of them because of their popularity with those the church was hoping to convert - making it easier for them!

Plutarch, writing in the first century, tells us that Horus was "born about the winter solstice, unfinished and infant-like." As everyone knows, the winter solstice is celebrated around December 21st to Dec 24th.

Moreover, the Latin scholar Macrobius - in his work "Saturnalia" (1, 18:10) - reported an Egyptian festival/celebration, where it is written: "At the winter solstice the sun would seem to be a little child, like that which the Egyptians bring forth from a shrine on the appointed day, since the day is then at its shortest and the god is accordingly shown as a tiny infant."

A god, whose birth is celebrated about the winter solstice, who is represented as an infant? Surely not!

I use these classical literary citations not to question or undermine the beliefs of Christians but merely to illustrate how one belief system can influence the way newer ones evolve.

I have drifted from your question, I think. As for "Is there a similar prayer text", look no further than the parallels between Spell 125 of the Book of the Dead and SIX of those 10 Commandments which Moses and those Israelites/Canaanites took with them when they fled Egypt!!

It suggests to me that the principles which underpin the way these Israelites would live their lives was perhaps prompted by similar Ancient Egyptian beliefs in how one ought to live one's life to avoid Ammut and the Lake of Fire (Christians call this Hell and it is referred to as the Lake of Fire in the Book of Revelation) when their heart was weighed, determining either the destruction of the soul or its flight to the afterlife in the kingdom of Osiris.

I am sure there are many who will disagree with the ideas i present - which is a good thing for healthy debate never did anyone any harm!


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