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* The Jews, Christians, and some Neoplatonists during the first century apparently agreed that Greek philosophy either originated with Moses or was at least known to him. What do you think? Could some of it have been part of an oral tradition among the Jews (which continued among the Essenes and Therapeutae)? Do you think there could be a common source for Jewish philosophy and Greek philosophy? If so, who?

* What do you think of Voltaire's (and others) evidence for the patriarch Abraham being a Brahmin from India (the spiritual home of such philosophies as enlightenment, reincarnation, and transmigration, not to mention the fact that 'Veda' means "knowledge".)?

* In the Jesus Mysteries, you and co-author Timothy Freke interpret the Orpheus/Bacchos amulet as depicting an unknown/lost mythical variation of the death of Orpheus. Considering that Clement and a few other Gnostic Christians viewed Jesus as the New Orpheus, do you think it could essentially be saying that *Jesus* is becoming a Bacchos instead of Orpheus?

* As you believe that Christianity was originally Gnostic, what do you think of the fact that the Nag Hammadi texts was buried around the same time Theodosius ordered the destruction of the Sarapeum (and we subsequently lost most of the contents of the daughter Library in Alexandria)?

* Finally, I loved reading 'The Jesus Mysteries', 'Jesus and the Lost Goddess', and 'The Laughing Jesus', one of the main reasons being that with you and Timothy Freke, there are finally some scholars who aren't afraid to pursue the evidence to whereever it leads. Any more similarly-themed books planned for the future?

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