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In the book journeys to heaven and hell

In this fascinating and uplifting, yet also frightening book, Rodney Davies examines the testimony of many of the unwitting visitors to both places, most of whom made their remarkable journeys while undergoing a near-death experience (or NDE). He charts the gradual unfolding of the geography of the next world during the past three thousand years
he mentions how some caricatures in history ie Gilgamesh and Hercules adventures may of been due to a near death experience. A kind of look beyond the veil
The near death experience that some people have,have been noted to be similar to the experience that shamans have when they have taken certain drugs.( this is shown in said book)
My Point being, could the Jesus figure of had a near death experience on the cross and didn't die on the cross.
In Tim Wallace-murphy and maralyn Hopkin’s book custodians of the truth. Death by crucifixtion results from massive secretion of plural fluids that create sufficient pressure on the lungs to bring asphyxiation. The spear thrust into jesus side relieved the pressure by draining the fluid in the pleural sac there by saving his life.
When the spear was thrust into jesus side it was reported that blood and water left his side. The water like substance being plural fluids?
Joseph came and took jesus’s body away. He and nicodemus wrapped jesus in a linen cloth according to jewish traditions. Nicodemus brought with him a hundred weight of spices , myrrh and aloe’s which was wrapped in the cloth. These ingredients were expensive healing ointments And woulden’t be wasted on a corpse. The shroud may have saved his life.[]

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