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Also, Wepwawet ("Opener of the Way") - a deity associated with war and death - famously carries the ankh.

Check out the Ikhernofret stela (I-Kher-Nefert) erected in the 12th dynasty at Abydos. The stela contains much of the extant information about the "Passion of Osiris". The Stela of I-Kher-Nefert recounts the programme of events of the public elements during a five day festival.

The first day gives details of a mock battle in which the enemies of Osiris are defeated. A procession follows, led by the god Wepwawet, who is depicted holding the ankh.

So, in contrast to its symbolism in the mystical impregnation of Queen Mutemwia in Luxor, where the ankh can be interpreted as the breath of divine life in the hands of Kneph and Hathor, it is asscoiated at Abydos with harbingers of war and death.

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