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Horus and Ra, obviously; but Kneph and the goddess Hathor are also shown holding the ankh to the nose of Queen Mutemwia, mother of Amenhotep III, in the controversial "Divine Birth" relief at the temple of Amun at Luxor.

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Who carried The Ankh 233 Ahatmose 02-Mar-12 01:34
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Re: Who carried The Ankh 151 Ahatmose 02-Mar-12 02:12
Re: Who carried The Ankh 175 eyeofhorus33 05-Mar-12 22:16
Re: Who carried The Ankh 201 eyeofhorus33 05-Mar-12 22:40
Isis, of course (n/t) 173 David L 05-Mar-12 23:05
Re: Who carried The Ankh 265 eyeofhorus33 06-Mar-12 22:13

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