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Beliefs in Ancient Egypt changed with the times. When the Heprew (Creationists and origin of the name Hebrew) ruled as Kings, e.g. the Kings David and the kings Solomon, Joshua, Ahijah, then the belief was that Iosa (Iesous then Jesus - still Iosa in Gaelic) lived in the person of the new King.

Look at the painting in the tomb of Ymn Twt Ankh Iunu Hek Shma. He is shown as the Holy Trinity. He is the God Uasar (Greek Osiris), the Son Iwsa (whom the Greeks equated with the previous Hor/Horus), and he is the Ka. In the painting the King's Ka carries a small Cross - but a cross of Life not death - for the 3 day journey through the Duat (Irish Tuath).

Once the new King is crowned then the Father Uasar becomes the next living Jesus/Iosa, and in this manner Iosa has raised Uasar from the Dead.

Note - In Arabic the definite article is placed before the name, thus - Al-Osiris or Lazarus. Also AL - Lah (Lah was the Arab name for the Moon God Yah - plural Yah Weh). Mosques still place the Crescent Moon and the Full Moon above their domes to show the duplicate or plural aspects of the Moon. Hence the plural name Yah Weh (W is the Egyptian plural letter).

Refer Sir Wallis Budge on this name. Refer Gerald Massey on Iusa. Refer Gaelic Gospel of Mark for Iosa.

This knowledge was well known to the early Church and we have evidence which also proves the origin of the word Hebrew.

St.Ambrose, St. Cyril, and St.Austine were all from North Africa and St.Ambrose became Bishop of Milan in the 4th century CE.

They referred many times to Jesus as The Good 'SCARABaeus'. The Scarab is the Hieroglyph for the word HEPRE - plural HEPREW. This is usually translated as 'Manifestations', but it really has the meaning of 'Being' or coming into being, so Creation.

Now, according to Sir Wallis Budge, Xepera or rather Hepra means 'I AM'. So here we have the reason why god calls itself 'I Am'.

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