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If it's not alien, what species from earth is it? You can't(nor can anyone else) list the deformities/abnormalities which can cause ALL the characteristics it possesses. There are 25 major differences from human in this skull. I've only brought up a few." Its skull does not have a single exact corollary with a typical human skull. Not one part of it is exactly the way it should be."(Starchild Skull Essentials). You and others can dance around the head of this pin as long as you like, calling it non-alien, convinced it's a genetic abnormality, even though you cannot find those abnormalities and you have all had years, YEARS, to come up with them.
I'll tell you line up some researchers willing to analyse the SC skull, to confirm or deny the reality of Pye's contentions. In 12 years of total transparency, of it being out there for just this type of analysis, only a handful of researchers have expressed a willingness to do just that, with the overwhelming majority rejecting it for analysis out of hand. With regard to the fibers found in SC bone:"Scientists should be competing with each other to try to determine what these fibers are, but thus far the mainstream has largely ignored them. Their consistent refusals to consider evidence that might overturn a cherished paradigm heaps shame on the concept of what true science is meant to be." (op. cit)
So you tell me just what qualifies as an alien life form? Mr. Pye, and myself will be waiting for your list of scientists eager to disprove the SC skull as alien.
The old saw of:"extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" has been satisfied here, but STILL it's not enough? In my estimation, this shows how tenaciously mainstream science is hanging on to its position as the official arbiter of truth, when it raises the bar impossibly high, just to try and prevent its cherished paradigm from being overturned, when, after all, it is supposed to challenge its own assumptions and theories as part of its ethic. Cheers, Rick

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