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michael seabrook wrote:

> Socrates told his pupil Simmias the Earth viewed from above is
> supposed to look like a ball made out of 12 pieces of skin
> sewed together.
> Some 2000 years later in the 1960's Russian scientists had the
> idea of examining the globe to see if any pattern should emerge
> linking significant places in history, it did.
> On earth we have a geometric grid with temples, stone rings and
> churches built on intersections, Northern Mongolia, Peru, Egypt
> and Easter Island just to name a few
> We are speaking about an intelligent geometric pattern into
> which, theoretically, the Earth and its energies are
> organized.
> These are focal points that are places of worship.
> These locations sometimes affect people in different ways.
> These locations are focal points that have been worshipped for
> thousand of years.
> Australian aboriginals have their song paths were they work up
> these trails and stop at certain places for different songs
> certain junctions along a prayer path. Paul’s book the dragon
> project suggested these locations are like chakra points.
> On these locations there are built temples churches and stone
> circles. Paul defrauded suggests these locations maybe chakra
> points
> Ancient civilizations built their early religious centres at
> key intersections e.g.
> These locations have been rebuilt on as if to stamp their
> authority on these locations.
> These locations would have been a focal point of pilgrimages
> []
> With some of these pilgrimages taking in more than one
> location.
> The earliest Christian description of the Holy Places
> []
> Some of these locations have been known to be called the navel
> of the world.
> There are several locations around the ancient world that
> have inherited the accolade of 'Earth Navel'.
> Cuzco
> Allahabad, India
> Egypt
> Delphi - Contained an 'Omphalus', which was believed to mark
> the centre of the world
> Jerusalem
> Easter Island
> []
> []
> So if these places represent a navel these places in turn must
> be the centre of a land based deity
> The temple of god on earth, itself was patterned on the supreme
> achievement of nature namely Homo sapiens,
> The belief in the living essence in our planet gains concrete
> and powerful expression when specific landscape features are
> interpreted as forming part of the body of a great supernatural
> being. The correlation between the buildings and the body is
> especially strong in some of the religions based on a key
> mythical personage.
> []
> Ancient astrometry priests following the cosmic order. Had
> various monuments and religious centres built along the shores
> of the Nile that not only aligned to chakra points but planets
> Where its spine is located on earth this then in turn
> represents a chakra trail
> In Egyptian mythology Set hacked Osiris body into pieces and
> scattered them all over Egypt. Every year Set's burning hatred
> scorches the land, Isis weeps for her dead husband causing the
> Nile to swell and flood to quench the parched earth then Osiris
> comes to life again
> This geographical representation of the human archetype had a
> spine, a head in the north and a body in the south Along the
> spine, represented by the river Nile, lay seven temples marking
> the great mystical centres which where the Earthly equivalent
> of the seven main chakras in the human body
> In Egypt young priests would start at elephantine and work
> there way up north stopping at different temples, learning
> different levels and degrees of their religion. Being taut new
> rites along the way, in a trail in Europe timothy Wallace
> Murphy tells of a path of enlightment that starts in Spain and
> works up thought to Scotland.
> There are also paths to Italy and Israel.
> []
> This is how the chakras align to the Egyptian temples.
> Root Moon Elephantine
> Scral Mercury Thebes
> Solar plexus Venus Abydos
> Heart Sun Hermopolis
> Throat Mars Memphis
> Brow Jupiter Heliopolis
> Crown Saturn Behedet
> Egyptian chakra trail
> []
> From Hamlets mill
> The situation of the sources of the Ganges in heaven identifies
> it with the mikyway it was the Ganges that stood for the galaxy
> and it’s from Mahabharata and the puranas tell us how the link
> was conceived.
> So If the Ganges is identified with heaven, could there be
> lost temples along the Ganges that represent chakra points, a
> map of our solar system and it represents the spine of a
> worshiped deity, here deep mentions some temples along the
> Ganges
> []
> Also two ceremonies one from one Hindu and one Egyptian both
> the same, a religious pilgrimage from one location to the next
> []
> []
> Also,
> The Hindus talked about the Seven Rishi Cities of the Rama
> Empire, and it was a popular Portuguese and Spanish belief that
> there were Seven Cities of Saints, or Seven Cities of Gold and
> such. One wonders about the Seven Rishi Cities of India--Ayodya
> and Dwarka one would think would be on that list.
> Also Harappan cities like Harrapa, Mohenjo Daro, Kot Diji and
> Lothal.
> []
> If we can measure the distances of these and see again if it’s
> another trail
> Sunduki, known as the Siberian Stonehenge, is a series of eight
> sandstone outcrops on a remote flood plain on the bank of the
> Bely Iyus river in the republic of Khakassia
> []
> In America
> in paul deverauxs book mysterious ancient America.
> Were told of how areas are built that represent star
> constellations, again the river used as visual representation
> of the Milky Way.
> And from drunvalos book the locations for the chakra points
> 1. Uxmal : Base Chakra of a new cycle
> 2. Labna : Sacral Chakra, The union of the opposites
> 3. Kabah : Solar Plexus Chakra, The Power of will
> 4. Chichen Itza : Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love
> 5. Tulum : Throat Chakra, Speak of Truth and Manifestation.
> 6. Kohunlich : Third Eye Chakra, Pineal gland, Psychic
> abilities
> 7. Palenque : Crown Chakra, Integration, Preparation to the
> next world
> []
> this link shows how temples in balinese have been built to the
> same design to mayan buildings
> []
> if the mayan temples reresent a chakra trail see main post
> then maybe these temples in balinese represent a trail also
> Arizona
> In this Orion figure in Arizona there is a chakra line that
> runs through it
> []
> []
> Europe
> From timothy Wallace books the rosslyn
> Beginning at Compostela in Spain, the voyage of discovery
> proceeds to Toulouse, Orleans, Chartes, Paris and Amiens,. The
> journey ends at Rosslyn Chapel
> []
> two locations in spain that may show traits of trails or maps
> of our solarsystem
> [].
> []
> Polynesian
> The Hawaiians constructed seven temples on the island of Kauai
> representing each of the chakras along a trail called Ku-a-moo,
> "spine of the dragon," (sushumna nadi) from the ocean to a
> central volcanic peak...
> []
> From the book 100 journeys for the spirit.
> Shwedagon pagoda is the main city of Burma,
> Bare foot worshipers walk clockwise passing through forests of
> golden pagodas and pausing for a astrological reading at the
> planetary shrine which corresponds to the day they were born
> on.
> So if there are shrines built to correspond with planets is
> this another coded map of our solar system that align to chakra
> points.
> []
> Israel
> In the Mosses legacy by Graham Phillips Graham was trying to
> locate a place called Beth-El. Beth-El is the name for the
> house of god. Graham found seven main sites at different
> locations. When the locations are plotted on a map of Israel
> they run south to North with the middle location in Jerusalem
> representing the sun chakra.
> The locations starting from the the Southern most point are -
> Moab, Ephorath = Behtleham, Luz, Solomons Temple, Mishmash,
> Shilo, Ramah.
> []
> From the book by Charles berltiz
> Mysteries from forgotten worlds
> Mysteries giant spheres have been found in the jungles of
> Costa Rica , Mexico, aruba and Haiti according to one theory
> they are representations of planets and moons of the solar
> system or and if left where they were originally found formed a
> gigantic prehistoric planetarium, if representations of planets
> maybe chakras also
> []
> Germany
> Externsteine, a site consisting of five enormous rock pillars
> in northern Germany, has probably been regarded as sacred since
> prehistoric times.
> []
> We had a pick nick on the solar plexus Mountains; on the heart
> chakra hill they shared cake. Then gathered in the shade of a
> tree for the throat chakra.
> []
> Italy.
> It emerged that these towns were not laid out at random. On the
> contrary, they were planned following strong symbolic aspects,
> all linked to astronomy," Giulio Magli, of the mathematics
> department at Milan’s Polytechnic University, told Discovery
> News.
> Part of a wider study published in Magli's book "Secrets of the
> Ancient Megalithic Towns," the research examined the
> orientation of some 38 towns in Italy.
> []
> []
> rocamadour
> At the bottom of the footpath you arrive at the religious
> centre with its seven sanctuaries. As an ensemble this has a
> very italianate feel with lots of arches and stone balustrades.
> The Basilique St Sauveur is the largest of the seven churches
> and inside one of the walls is the cliff face. - with there
> being seven churches it makes you think why, could they of been
> built to represent the chakras,?
> from ogygos a regular poster on ghmb message bords
> place in greece that align to planets.
> Athens - Thebes - Argos - Sparta
> []
> if so maybe another chakra trail
> Whilst discussing the Egyptian chakra trail Gary Osborne said
> about the Egyptian chakra trail, the first location being
> Elephantine in Hindu depiction's the base chakra is associated
> with the elephant.
> And in the 'Hypnerotomachia' there is an image of an obelisk or
> column (spine) resting on the back of an Elephant
> So could this statue represent the base chakra of a chakra
> trail in Italy.
> Visit the pantheon and next to it, in the Piazza Della Minerva,
> is a Bernini statue: that of an elephant with an obelisk on his
> back.
> []
> The Temple of Concordia, built in the 5th century BC, is the
> best preserved in the Valley and is one of the largest and best
> preserved Doric style temples still standing. Other temples
> include the Temple of Juno, used for the celebration of
> weddings, and the Temple of Heracles, the oldest Temple at the
> site which today consists of only eight columns.
> The Valley of the Temples is a large sacred area on the south
> side of the ancient city of Agrigento. It is located on the
> southern coast of Sicily, Italy, and is the capital of the
> province of Agrigento. Nowadays it is also known as the site of
> the ancient Greek city of Akragas, one of the leading cities of
> Magna Graecia during the golden age of Ancient Greece. The city
> was initially founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century BC
> and it quickly became a major cultural center. The seven
> monumental Greek temples in the Doric style were constructed
> within a hundred years, between the 6th and 5th centuries BC.
> []
> these temples had statues of their gods in them
> why 7 maybe needs a closer look
> Ethiopia
> When the Queen of Sheba returned to Ethiopia after visiting
> King Solomon she built her palace to represent King Solomon's
> temple. King Solomon's temple is in the middle of the Israel
> chakra trail. There are sites in Ethiopia visited and built on
> by Free Masons. Could this again be another chakra trail
> Stone hendge
> In Earth mysteries by Philip Heselton a reverend Edward Duke
> who in the 1840's found several prehistoric sites including
> Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge where aligned South to
> North and went further and tied distances between the sites in
> with distances of planets. If another map of solarsystem again
> chakra points.
> Sumerian
> Here we are given five locations, if we were to measure the
> distances between these locations, could they tie in with the
> distances with planets. From the books by
> .Leonard Cottrell the land of shiner
> Sir Leonard woolley
> Ur of the chaldees The first of these cities, Eridu,
> to the leader, Nudimmud, was given.
> The second, Bad-Tibira, he gave to Nugig.
> The third, Larak, to Pabilsag was given.
> The fourth, Sippar, he gave to the hero Utu,
> The fifth, Shuruppak, to Sud was given.
> the Anunnaki established five settlements is a major
> revelation; that the cities’ names, and names of their
> god-rulers, are stated, is quite astounding; but what is even
> more amazing about this list of Cities of the Gods is that four
> of their sites have been found and excavated by modern
> archaeologists! With the exception of Larak, whose remains have
> not been identified though its approximate location has been
> ascertained, Eridu, Bad-Tibira, Sippar, and Shuruppak have been
> found. Thus, as Sumer, its cities, and its civilization have
> been brought back to light, not only the Deluge but events and
> places from before the Deluge emerged as historical reality.
> If this is a trail, could we use the information to find the
> tower of bable
> From the book the sky people, by brinsley le poer trench he
> mentioned in the land of shinar these locations were built on
> by the people of nimrod, Erech, accad, calneh, ninevah,
> reoboth, Calah and resen. Again another seven locations ?...
> While in New Zealand I took the time to investigate one of the
> most profound sacred sites in the southern hemisphere, if not
> the world. Kura Tawhiti, otherwise known as Castle Hill, is a
> major hill temple consisting of esotic limestone blocks, some
> 50-feet in height. Each was used as a 'classroom', and the
> pilgrim would move further up the hill to another stone as they
> learned their wisdom. The site is said to be as old as the
> Waitaha, the spiritual race which
> occupied New Zealand before the Maori.
> []
> from the serpent of light by drunvalo melchizedek
> they belive this to be the centre of there world, another
> chakra point?
> The plan of Atlantis is said to characterise the design of old
> Mexico, cartharage, and many ancient cities around the world.
> So if Atlantis follows the rules of chakra trails the distance
> of the rings of the island should show us a map of our
> solorsystem. And hopefully if all trails could be mapped and
> worked out ie the distances from each other it may show a
> global map on how they all tie intogeather and help show the
> missing ones
> Chakras Atlantis
> is there a map of the solar system in the description of
> atlantis, if a map of the solar system encoded could we
> alsofind a encoded chakra trail
> []
> []
> Fawcett
> By plotting these trails on a global map could more locations
> be predicted It's suggested that Percey Fawcet had done this
> and went looking for a lost City in Southern America,
> []
> so could we not put all trails and locations on a atlas and see
> if there is a pattern wich will not only help us find some lost
> temples and berial sites but help locate atlantis
> from timeless earth by peter kolosimo
> the destuction of mu, the seven cities and temples were shook
> to the core, maybe another trail
> but also every myth where a person tied to earth and being the
> creator of things should help search for other trails like
> norse and chinese mythology
> thank you for your time mdms.127

> Post Edited (08-May-13 11:25)

The origin of chakra as you well know Michael is an abstract term associated with various BELIEF SYSTEMS (mainly Buddhist and Hindu) and is associated with supposed energy points in a supposed etheric body (but not the physical body).

You then go on to complicate matters by making associations between these already nebulous chakras with nebulous energy points on earth. Whatever these supposed energies are about both in the body and on earth will not be made any clearer by muddling up two unclear mysteries together and trying to make sense out of them.

BTW, have you ever seen a chakra, Michael?


Post Edited (26-Dec-14 13:29)

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